青年设计师作品邀请展 五感觉醒

Concentration of oriental aesthetic consciousness is diversely exhibited, which leads to a cross-industry thinking collision and arouses the "Five Senses of Awakening." This exhibition brings together more than 30 works from cutting-edge designers, which embodies the concept of the Coast Gallery :art without boundaries, unbounded space and horizon. They are using their own attitudes to build a world rooted in the fertile soil of the East. What’s more, the teacher-training methods is transformed from the internal poetic and intellectual nature to changes of our life and future. 

首届青年设计师作品邀请展“五感觉醒” 是东方审美意识集中多元化呈现。展览汇集了 30 多位新锐设计师,暗合了海岸•无界美术馆的理念:艺术无界, 空间无界,视野无界。他们在用自己的态度建造一个世界,根植东方沃土,师法自然在前,经过内心诗意和智性转化,以期改变我们的生活,影响我们的未来。 

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