Xiaochuan is a creative artist whose works are expressions of self-consciousness and emotion. She has endless curiosity and insight towards life and explores in nature and a delusional world like a child.This exhibition is named after “Deep Diving”. Xiaochuan created a series of “conscious crops” devices in conjunction with the exhibition hall of the Coast Gallery, which is another in-depth exploration and excavation of her self-consciousness, reflecting her artistic creations over the years and the evolution of her works.

小川是位拥有创造力的艺术家。她的作品,是自我意识和情绪的表达,她有着无止尽的好奇心与洞察力,在自然和臆想世界里像孩子一样探索着。 这次展览以“深潜”为名,小川结合海岸无界美术馆展馆创作了一系列“意识作物”装置,是她自我意识的又一次深入探索与发掘,体现出她多年来的艺术创作脉络及作品演变历程。

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