Chinese Dream is a graphic novel based on the experience of Zhiwen Tang’s father. Having contributed to the construction industry for more than 40 years, his father witnessed China’s transition from the post-Maoist era to ‘Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’. In this graphic novel, Tang presents two overaching narratives to detail his father’s story: his personal memory of his father’s work experience and the slogans of national policies in China’s urbanisation process. Chinese Dream examines China’s complex evolution and its impact on individual autonomy through the personal story of one man.

《中国梦》是根据唐志文父亲的经历创作的一本绘本。他父亲在建筑行业工作超过40年了,他经历了各个时期的转折,亲眼见证了中国的城市发展。在这个绘本中,唐志文从两个方面去展示了这个故事, 一方面是他父亲的工作生活经历, 另一方面是中国政策性口号的变迁。从个人和集体的角度去讲述中国城市化的过程。 在大时代的背景下,反映了个人的生活轨迹。

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