​“竹里”是以竹和竹炭为原材料,探索自然、健康、多元化的生活样式的日常生活用品品牌。 品牌形象的推广以闲寂,朴素为精神内涵,营造纯粹,简约的意境,意在传达一种新的生活概念,将使用者从外在束缚中解放出来,达到一种更接近内心自我、更接近自然的状态。

"ZHU LI" is made of bamboos and bamboo charcoal. It's a brand used in daily life which explores natural, healthy and diversified life styles. The extension of this brand image has the spirit of peace and plain, creating pure and concise artistic conception. Moreover, It not only intend to convey a new life concept but also free users from ties, reaching a state which is closed to inner selves and nature.

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